Life is short, so enjoy every moment. Time is wasted when your energy is focused on things that dont bring you joy, in contrast stress and misery are generated, thus making life harder.

1.Travel and explore the world. Travelling is the solution to all problems. No matter if you are anxious, you are depressed, you think everything is going wrong, travelling is gonna make you feel better and change the way you see things. Find your dream destination and just let a dream become reality. (You can visit, India, China, Greece, Italy, Madagascar, Africa, Carribean, Hawaii, England, Amsterdam, California.)

2. Make a list of disney movies or cartoons that you want to watch. ( Ariel, Swan lake, Pinocchio, Bambi the deer, Alice in wonderland, Lady and the tramp, Toy Story, Monsters,Polar express, Up, Aladdin, LION KING, Rugrats, Phineas and Ferb, Happy Feet, The princess and the frog, Ice age, 101 dalmatias, Aristocats, The seventh brother, Peter Pan).

3. Make a list of movies that you would like to watch .( I recommend you some that are from my own list: Black Swan, Forrest Gump, American beauty, A beautiful mind, Book thief, Akeelah and the Bee, Ruby red, The conjuring, The woman in lack, Harry Potter, Jumanji, Mamma mia, Amelie, Insidious, Twilight, Maze runner, Maleficent, Lol, Karate kid, Gone with the wind, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The boy, Angels and Demons)

4. Make a list of things that you wanna do at least one time in your lifetime. ( going to a music Festival with your best friends, going diving, find a lost treasure, help someone, be a volunteer, horse riding, spa day, Escape room, going to all the clubs and bars in your country, meditation,confession, Disneyland, Waterpark, try a new sport, go camping with your friends, stargazing, organ donation, give money to a poor man in street, give a flower to a little girl ( I' ve done this and that made me happy too), write a poem to someone you love, make a present to your parents, forgive someone, dance without caring who is looking at you, sing with your friends next to fire, make a compliment to someone, smile to make someones day better, make your own party, make a youtube channel, write a book, make your own blog, send a message to an old friend, find a work that makes you happy, go to a football match, make a birthday surprise for someone, make an album with your favourite photos. )

5. Take  care of a pet. You can have a fish , a dog , a cat, no matter what, a pet always makes you feel responsible and you won't feel alone ever again.

6. Read books. They say: a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.

7. Make a list of places that you can visit in your country and go day trips with your best friend! ( I live in Cyprus, so some places here are: Aphrodite Hills, Sirena bay, Adoni's baths, Aphrodite's baths, Paphos castle, Ammochostos, Keryneia, Blue lagoon Ayia Napa, Blue lagoon Paphos, Choirokoitia, Shipwreck erdo Paphos, Larnaka salt lake, Sea caves Ayia Napa, Promenade Limassol, Makenzy larnaca, White rocks Governors beach, konnos beach, nissi beach, Aphrodite's rock.)