Great creation,

the greatest of all,

which God  decided,

to create The MAN.


Lowering His Holy Hands,

upon the earth, expectorating

and amalgamating the soil,

He made  Man,

Then He bellowed and said.


This day We create  man,

To be in the image,

after  likeness,

of his Creator.


Amid the so many gifts,

he was given by God,

Was  to have the power he himself,

To be a creator.


Diamonds the gifts ,

given by The Creator,

and one of these diamonds,

will always shine  like light.


Many the feats,

he accomplished ,

and be able to live,

a contented life.


Man quelled the sea,

like a rider who tames his horse,

and  exploited its riches,

for his own benefit.


He constructed vessels,

to travel around the earth,

and explore nature,

seeking for new ideas and inspiration.


He managed the plausible,

He stepped his foot on the moon,

and goes on fearless,

for new conquests.


He studied  the human being,

and his problems,

giving everlasting solutions,

with his creativity.


He founded schools,

Specializing in Arts and Sciences,

giving people ,

new knowledge and  values.


As an artist he inspired,

by that very nature,

thus using it,

to create.


He exploits,

the land and its properties,

everything arising from it,

from its cultivation.


Like a diligent swallow,

that builds its own nest,

similarly the man,

as long as he lives will beget.


Never had he stopped,

and will never stop,

to think and  conceive,

new creations.


H e explores and contemplates,

new innovations.

to help himself,

and his fellow human beings.


Thousands of feelings ,

within  his soul,

which warm his heart,

his inner depths are touched.


Many are the creations ,

which benefit  the man,

But inexorably there are others,

which only cause chaos.


We speak about wars,

and evil inventions,

that result to disasters,

on earth each day.


Alas! they torture the soul ,

enslaving  it,

as it feels guilty,

and  imprisoned in hatred.


Thus man,

must wisely manipulate  creativity

to benefit not only nature

but himself too.




                                                                                             Sakkada Vasilia

                                                                                             Evgeniadou Raphaella

                                                                                             Papageorgiou Chrystalleni