Greece in EPCOT

Sign the petition to make this DREAM COME TRUE :

Are you a Disney Fan, a Greek or a person with loving being fair and helping Dreams come true? Are you a person that loves things to get developed?  If YES that's for you! The only thing that you have to do is to sign this petition! It's so easy. You just go to the website go where it says PETITION (with blue letters). It takes you to a page where you write name, surname and email and then you tap the orange box "SIGN NOW". (Make sure you scroll down and find on the most recent name, yours, to check your sign was succesfull.)

We need 25,000 signatures to find place for the GREECE in EPCOT WORLD SHOWCASE (DISNEYWORLD FLORIDA, AMERICA) so if you find a minute to sign the petition and share this with your friends, you can help to make a DREAM COME TRUE.

Greece deserves a place there because Disney inspired many times by the Greek history and culture. Even when we have in mind that Morocco serves GREEK FOOD. Each Pavilion has to represent its own history, culture, food, laguage etc. So if we want all these in the DisneyWorld we have to find them all in one place and that would be the GREEK EPCOT.

So if you have no clue, no idea what I'm talking about let's make things more clear. One of the parks in DisneyWorld which is called EPCOT (Experimental Protoype Community of Tomorrow) has 11 countries Pavilions. These are: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico. In every Pavilion you can find people talking the language and serve "local" food. For example in Chinese Epcot you can find people talking Chinese and serve Chinese food. 

Greece deserves a place there. While Morocco Pavilion serves Greek food, we sign to help create Greek Pavilion there.

If you want to find out more about this you can visit the page or if you have any questions you can find help on the contact page on the official website. 

My name is Chrystalleni Papageorgiou, I'm from Cyprus and I signed the petition. Now it's your turn. We will be happy to see your name on the list!